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What is PR and why do I need it? 

Essentially, PR (Public Relations connection with the public) is a toolkit that will help you create effective and profitable business communications with your clients, partners, investors, the media, as well as your employees and public or government officials. Your business needs PR because it is proven to increase profits.

Imagine for a moment that the media writes favorably about you and your business. They mention your name in a good way and often refer to it. Imagine, they keep talking about you and your business in a favorable and positive way. We know how to make this dream come true!

Why is it better to hire an agency?

Weve been asked this question so many times that we prepared a special presentation to better answer that question for you!

In a few words, the creation and maintenance of your own PR-service division may take a significant amount of time and substantial financial resources. That is why it is advisable to hire an agency. A typical agency, as a rule, has a staff of professionals who are able to provide their expertise in achieving the desired and targeted goals for your business.

Why PR Partner? 

PR Partner is a compact dynamic agency committed to the quality communication services. We are loyal to our clients. It means that we:
  • are faithfully devoted to delivering first class services and relationships to our clients;
  • offer the best prices in the market of PR services in Russia, whilst offering a guarantee of the highest quality PR services;
  • provide a great level of flexibility in our work.

We have a vast level of expertise to offer the best solutions to benefit your business. If you wish to learn more about our business approaches, you can view our audio and video presentation. You can also take a look our clients list and current cases, or simply contact us by phone +7 (495) 632-72-74.

How soon can an offer be made? 

The submission of an offer is a three-step process.

The first step is an introduction. We arrange a meeting to get to know you and your business. You tell us about your goals and wishes whilst we carefully listen and take notes. We bring with us to the meeting a detailed presentation about our approaches and business experience. Please contact us ahead of time to make an appointment on a particular date. As an option, this meeting can be also carried out via Skype.

The second step is the offer preparation. Our team prepares an offer for you. Depending upon complexity of objectives, it may take us from one to five days to cover all your questions, then find the relevant media and prepare our business action plan.

The final step is the presentation. We will meet with you again to make our presentation. We will propose our ideas and suggestions and will discuss all the details and make any necessary corrections. As soon as you are happy and you accept our offer, we are ready to get started!

As you have noticed, it may take less than a week for you to be able to estimate the potential of the work we can do for you and for your business.

What about quality of services?  

At PR Partner, we have established a high-standard quality control system overseeing the services provided to our clients. In addition, we utilize checklists in all areas of PR activities and maintain various reports to ensure continuance of quality standards. Also, at our agency, we regularly carry out various meetings, brain storms and discussions all of these help us to afford our clients with the best quality services.

Our experience and expertise in the areas such as IT, FMCG, Finance, Real Estate etc. guarantee the best results even in some very specific and complex industry sectors.

Do you respect the terms of confidentiality?  

Confidentiality at PR Partner is a highest priority and an unbreakable rule. Upon request, we are ready to sign all the necessary documents and commit to the terms.

Do you assess results of your work?  

Yes! To evaluate the success of our work, for example, we use AVE Advertising Value Equivalency. This measure shows the difference between expenses for placement in the media of PR and Advertising materials of equal sizes. Having provided beneficial and, most importantly, free of charge publications about your company in the media, we can calculate how much it would cost to place advertising of the same volume in the same publications. If you want to learn more about the measurements we use in our work just call our office we will give you all the details.

In which sectors do you work? 

The PR Partner communication agency has six areas of practice:
  • FMCG & Fashion
  • IT & Telecom
  • Finance and Real Estate
  • Event
  • SMM
  • Health, Kids & Education

In addition to the above, we have been successfully working with a number of companies representing more than 20 different areas of business such as publishers, retailers, logistic companies, etc.

We are confident that we can find successful solutions to benefit your business.

Do you work with your clients competitors? 

No, it is our agencys strict policy that it is prohibited to make any contact with our clients competitors.

We value every single Client and strive to make partnerships with our clients as comfortable as possible for both sides. We also understand that you as a client are unlikely to appreciate it if your information is acquired by your competitors. We do our absolute best to prevent such situations from happening.

Do you work with foreign companies (in foreign languages)? 

Our professionals speak major European languages (English, German, French, Italian and Spanish). We can arrange press events for Russian journalists abroad and for foreign journalists in the Russian Federation. We are ready to provide monitoring, preparation of press releases, interviews and articles in foreign languages.

Do you deal with political projects? 

No, and this is our principal standpoint we do not deal with politics.

Do you have a flexible price policy which allows increasing or decreasing prices in a certain way?  

We never deal with kickbacks. Its not about money, its about principles. PR Partner is an entirely law-abiding agency.

If you are interested in kickbacks, please, visit this page.

Which companies are among your current or former clients? 

For the last 10 years of our successful work we have carried out projects of various complexity for more than 180 different companies. You can view our clients list here or read our clients comments on our work.

What are the qualifications of your employees? 

The PR Partner agency has a staff of highly qualified individuals. Our PR-specialists are professionals who supervise the work of their well-trained assistants. Please dont worry: we can assure you that there will be an experienced manager appointed to your project, a capable specialist responsible for the whole process of the PR work.

Will you introduce me to the manager or to the team responsible for the project? 

In advance, before signing the contract, we provide information about our employees, their qualifications, skills and their knowledge of your business sector. We will definitely introduce you to the manager who will be responsible for your project.

If the manager takes a vacation (sometimes we need a break to maintain working on a case with the same vigor), he or she will certainly warn you in advance. The manager will pass the case to a colleague also experienced in your industry and introduce him/her to you, so that the work will continue uninterrupted.

Can we work without a contract?  

No. We always have our contracts signed. (As a matter of fact, we do like to see signatures on the contract papers which also are appreciated by our accountants and the bank who, in their turn, would never let us withdraw any money accidently deposited in our account. :)  

Is it possible to make a long-term contract? Are there price benefits for that? 

Yes, in fact, we specialize in the long-term PR-services. Of course, we do provide some benefits for our regular Clients. The fee for services to our regular partners is normally reduced on average by 10%.

A typical long-term service agreement is signed at least for the period of six months. However, we are confident in the service that we can provide for you and as such provide a strong money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with results after the first month of our work, you may cancel the contract and we will refund you the money.

Do you accept dollars? 

Yes. In addition to our ruble account, we also have the dollar and euro bank accounts.

Can I pay for your services after the work is done?  

At the beginning of a business relationship with a new client, we always accept 100% advance payment. This term, however, does not prevent us from affording special terms to our regular clients, the veterans. You also may become one of our valued veterans: the first step in this direction is to either email us at or call at +7(495)632-72-74! :)

Do you work in other regions? 

Yes, we do. We have met with journalists and conducted different press projects in all major cities in Russia, including St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Perm, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Togliatti and Chelyabinsk. We have more than 7,000 contacts with journalists across the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. We have also held multiple press projects in Kiev, Minsk, Almaty, Astana, and Baku.

Please call us to learn more about the opportunities in your desired region. Also, there are a number of regional agencies, which have been working with us under franchise agreements and we are certain that they would be able to provide you with their local expertise in PR services in a specific region.

A list of our franchisees and information on how to join the program you may find you may find here.

Do you hire contractors or do you complete all of the work yourselves?  

With regards to the services related to our regular business activities (PR service, copywriting, etc.,) we conduct all of these services ourselves.

For the operations in support of our business, we do employ a range of recognised and approved contractors printers, designers, catering companies, hotels, restaurants and many others. We do however, take full responsibility for their work, and of course we do make a charge for this service. PR Partners commission for quality assurances to the client is usually 10% of the sub-contract total value.

Do you provide clients with activity reports?  

When the main part of the PR activities is completed, we submit to the client our reports on news monitoring and press clippings. Reports in photos and video format may also be available. We always provide reports on the services rendered. We do however prefer simplicity in our work with documents and we do not use itemised bills.

How much is a publication in the next-day issue of the Kommersant newspaper through your agency?      

Its freeIf we had paid for publications in the media, we would have gone out of business long ago and so would have done some of our clients. That is why our job is to find the method to get our clients materials published for free and save the clients money (big money!).

How much will your PR services cost? 

In order to calculate the cost of the services, we will need to ask you a few clarifying questions:
  • What is the difficulty and complexity of the project?
  • How quickly do you expect to reach your goals?
  • Will your own PR division take part in the project?
  • Are we going to conduct the entire project or just a certain part?
  • Who will be responsible for the project: one marketing director or multiple people (PR workers, marketing director, HR specialist, top manager assistant, a doorkeeper etc.:)?

Usually we clarify all these questions at our first meeting with a client and then we prepare an offer, based on their goals and needs.

Can the cost of PR project change after it is approved?  

After the contract is signed, the cost of our services will not change. However, if the approval process on the part of a client takes too long (up to several months), the prices of our contractors may change.

Do you work with top media companies? 

The publications about our clients can often be found in the Kommersant, Forbes, RBC and other leading publishers in the industry. Each of our specialists has their own well established contacts in the area of their expertise.

How can I find out all the details?  

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